About me


My name is Linda and I live in Stockholm. I love to do DIYs such as needle felting, paper art and other different hand craft things. My style is to make cute stuffs. Art and design have been the love of my life – I have been studying art for over 15 years. This has helped me to see DIY with a new and interesting perspective. This is why I want to introduce my DIY to you.

My company is called Linda Wang Studios and it was created in 2014. Through my company, I sell beautifully crafted kirigami cards, as well as some DIY packages such as handmade cards, paper quilling and needle felting. You can buy those DIY packages from my webshop, and then complete them on your own at your sweet home.

In Stockholm, there are so many different markets during the weekends. There, you can find many uniquely design products that are designed by the sellers themselves. I am one of them. During the weekends, I am usually at these markets to present my products to the world. I also make DIY projects on the spot with my customers. If you are in the Stockholm area, feel free to contact me and stop by my stall in the market; otherwise, you can watch my illustration videos on my Youtube channel.