What is Valentine’s day?

In the middle ages, Valentine’s day was very popular in England. At that time, there are some traditions on 14 February. For example, people who did not get married can enjoy this event by writing their names on a note and put it in a box. There have two boxes, one for man and another one for woman. After the notes have been put into the boxes, the man will take a note from the female’s box, and the woman will take a note from the man’s box. According the note, people will know who is their designated “Valentine” for this year. They will exchange presents. For example, chocolate, cards or other things with love theme. In the roman mythology, cupid symbolizes love. Cupid means love and desire. It is depicted as a lovely boy with two wings.

These are two old time Valentine’s cards.

594px-prangs_valentine_cards2This one was produced in 1883.

718px-card_valentine_card_-_google_art_projectAn English Victorian era Valentine card located in the Museum of London.

Now, there are more and more different Valentine’s cards you can choose. There are printing cards, handmade cards or kirigami cards, which are pop-up cards. I will show you some of kirigami cards which are produced in my studio.

This one is a cupid pop-up card. There are two cupids with a lovely big heart. I think your partner will be pleasantly surprised when he/she opens this card.


This one is a couples card. For this style, we have two different cards. One is a couple in the middle. Another is depicting two men in the middle. I am so sorry that we did not get a card for two women in this year, but we are desiging it as we speak, I hope it will be finished soon.


A couples card


They can kiss each other. 🙂




Two men card


They can also kiss each other. 🙂

Finally, I also want to teach you how to say “Valentine’s day” in Chinese and in Swedish.

In Chinese, we can say “情人节快乐”.

In Swedish, we can say “Alla hjärtans dag”.

I hope you and your partner have a wonderful Valentine’s day. screen-shot-2015-04-06-at-3-43-53-pm